Is sense skin care good for you?

Creative Theorist Has A Creative Question:

Hi Beauty brains! I just love your website! I`ve been using the Sense facial care product line from Usana for quite a bit a time now, and I can say they have the best products I`ve used. They have quite a lot of plant extracts in their formulas, but after reading your blog for a long time, they probably do not work. So what is it that makes the products work so well? Is the cleanser gentle because it has no SLS in it? And does the wax beadlets in the Rice Bran Polisher better than synthetic microbeads in normal skin exfoliators? And finally (phew!) does the perfecting essence really do anything? Also, I hope you guys can give me some information cheaper products that are compatible with these more expensive ones.

The Left Brain Replies:

Whew! You asked for a lot of information; I`ll try to give you some simple answers.

Gentle Cleanser:

This formula does contain mild functional surfactants such as sucrose cocoate and PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate. But it also contains foaming ingredients like yucca and soapwart that are in the formula because they sound good, not because they are very functional. Similarly, it contains natural extracts that sound good but which don`t really have any benefit in a rinse off cleanser, like Green tea leaf, Clary sage, and soybean protein.

Rice bran polisher:

There`s nothing magical about wax beadlets. I`ve seen good products formulated with wax beads, synthetic microbeads, and even natural abrasives like walnut shells. It just depends on the type of exfoliation that you like.

Perfecting essence:

This product makes some outrageous claims about providing skin tissue building blocks. It may be a perfectly fine moisturizer, but I wouldn`t expect much more than that.

Finally, there are many cheaper products out there for you to try, you really don`t have to worry about whether or not they`re compatible. It`s really more a question of your taste, budget, and what works for your skin. We hope this helps, you can also check out the reviews by the Cosmetics Cop.