Is shea butter good for your skin?

Victoria’s Very Important Question:

Does shea butter work as a skin moisturizer? I have a friend who uses it around her eyes and swears that it helps minimize wrinkles. I use it on my heels and nothing seems to work as well.

The Right Brain‘s Rapid Response:

Shea butter is extracted from the fruit of the shea tree and it’s used in foods as a substitute for cocoa butter and in cosmetics as a moisturizer. Shea butter is a good natural moisturizier alone or when used in leave in creams and lotions but it doesn’t do much when used in shampoos or body washes.

It works the same way as petrolatum and mineral oil, by forming a barrier layer on top of the skin that reduces the amount of water that evaporates through the skin. You can read our previous post on the world’s top 5 moisturizing oils if you want more info. It’s oily nature also softens skin and it smells good too!

And in case you’re wondering, yes, that is a giant butter sculpture of Elvis Presley.