Who else wants plump, luscious lips?

Lynn’s A Lumpy Lip Lover:

Hello, I love your site, it’s so informative and unbiased. My question is about the lip plumpers on the market. Do they work and if so, are the effects permanent? I’ve always found that applying anti-wrinkle cream plumps mine up just fine.

The Left Brain:

Thanks so much for the kind words, Lynn. We’ve posted on lip plumpers before.

Basically, there are two kinds both of which only provide a temporary effect. The first kind just moisturizes the lips which naturally allows them to be fuller and less wrinkley. If you’re using antiaging creams, that’s the effect you’re seeing.

The second kind use a menthol-type ingredient that mildly irritates the lips which causes them to swell up in response. The Beauty Brains recommend that you don’t use this type of product too often, though, or it may damage your lips. But if you want this kind of effect, look for formulas that contain the ingredient “menthoxypropanediol”.