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How can Lumedia Facial Brightener work without Hydroquinone?

Trinh Wonders If Lumedia Is Safe For Skin Whitening:

I wanted to know whether you think Bremenn Lab’s new product, Lumedia Facial Brightener, is safe to use. They stated that it’s 100% Hydroquinone free, but I don’t know whether to believe it because they are in controversy right now for false advertising. What is your opinion on this?

The Right Brain Says Hydroquinone Can Brighten Her Day:

We’re not familiar with this Lumedia product or the problems at Bremenn Labs but we wouldn’t be surprised if these claims are a bit misleading. “Facial brightener” isn’t really a very well defined product benefit. Companies could argue that their product “brightens” skin simply by moisturizing and/or exfolliating.

On the other hand, hydroquinone is very well defined: it’s an over the counter drug product used for skin whitening. Whitening and brightening are not necessarily the same thing, so don’t assume that a brightening product has to have hydroquinone. And as far as safety is concerned, we can’t tell without looking at the full ingredient list.

We hope this helps and thanks for asking The Beauty Brains. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to take another bottle of Borba water to the Left Brain…