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Is Stila hair refresher a steal?

Kate’s Not Sold On Stila Hair Refresher:

Is Stila Hair Refresher anything more than thirty-dollar talcum powder?

The Right Brain’s Not Impressed Either:

Actually, this Stila product is not a $30 bottle of talc powder.

It`s a $28 bottle of CORNSTARCH powder. Ok, to be fair they also throw in a little silk and tapioca starch, but for the most part it`s just cornstarch. (Aren’t you glad you watched our amazing cornstarch video. What, you didn`t watch it? Shame on you!)

Anyway, the product also contains fragrance to make it smell nice, a little silica to prevent caking, and a bunch of preservatives which it doesn`t really need since there`s no water in the product.

Does it work? Well, it sure smells nice and it will absorb some oil from your hair but there`s no special technology in the formula that makes it work better. The Beauty Brains just can`t imagine that it`s worth this much money. Still, some of the people over at Makeup alley rave about it. To each her own!


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