Jan Marini eyelash growth update

A previous post on Jan Marini Eyelash Growth product prompted many comments. Most of the comments were anecdotal stories about how people used the product and were convinced that it was the greatest thing they’d ever tried. While reports from users are interesting, they aren’t “proof” that the product works. It’s a basic Beauty Brain belief.

“Anecdotal evidence does not prove anything”

This Beauty Brain remained highly skeptical in a way that would make my heroine Rebecca Watson proud.

But then the following comment was posted…

Hello Everyone,

I can`t stand the confusion anymore. Here is the scoop. The OLD Jan Marini eyelash product did indeed work. It had a DRUG in it for GLaucoma that had a known side effect of hair growth. A larger company already has a patent on it for this use. THAT IS THE REASON WHY IT WAS TAKEN OFF THE MARKET FOR MONTHS. Not surprisingly, the active secret ingredient was not disclosed on Jan Marini`s label. It did work however, so I hope that settles the confusion. People were using a DRUG!!!(for glaucoma)

The NEW formulation does not have the drug in it. It was released last week. the new product probably will not work since there is nothing in it that can make eyelashes grow. The company is in fact writing letters to consumers telling them that the product is different. This is such a travesty. Thousands of people are waiting

for the back ordered product, and now they will be getting nothing. The public always loses. I guess it is very difficult to come up with a safe, cosmetic product that indeed makes eyelashes grow. So, the OLD JM EYElash did work for most people, and now that is GONE. The new one has no drug in it. We are too late to do any studies. Sorry!

I still remained skeptical but it prompted me to look into the claims and there just may be something to what this commenter said.

It turns out that in 2003, a group of dermatologist published a paper in the Dermatology Online Journal suggesting that a drug used for glaucoma (latanoprost) actually stimulated eyelash growth. This could be the basis for the Jan Marini eyelash product.

I was amazed that this could be true! It seems to me that this would’ve been HUGE news in the cosmetic business and the general public. But it went by without nearly a mention. Imagine the money this discovery could bring in!

Then I dug a little deeper and found out why the discovery likely passed unnoticed. Subsequent studies were not able to repeat what the original scientists demonstrated. According to these scientists in an article published in 2005 in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, topical application of latanoprost was NOT EFFECTIVE.

Not having seen the original papers, I can’t say which research study is more believable. However, in terms of credibility, the American Academy of Dermatology is one of the premiere organizations in the area of dermatology so they win out there. Additionally, amazing claims like “Renews hair growth” require amazing proof. One paper in an online journal that can’t be reproduced by peers is hardly amazing proof.

Beauty Brains bottom line:

Jan Marini eyelash growth product could’ve been based on a drug used for glaucoma, and there is at least one study to back-up the use of that drug for eyelash growth. However, the work was not repeatable and we don’t know for certain that the Jan Marini product used the drug anyway! I continue to remain skeptical.

No cosmetic will make any of your hair grow.

ALERT: The story has been updated. Jan Marini Admits product will not re-grow eyelashes.