The scary secret of stronger nails

This is a message for Lynnette. I understand you skepticism about an industry that has earned your mistrust.

I would like to offer you some FREE FlexiNail to show what it can do. If you have great nails, then give it to the friend that has the worst nails. Then just do me a favor and post the results of what happened when you used it. Contact me through the FlexiNail website:

Below is a response I just posted on this site about another topic and will post it here as well.

Before you jump all over me – I WORK for FlexiNail. I do have an awful lot of knowledge about nails though – so maybe my brief comments here may make sense.

Someone above very thoroughly described what a nail is and what it is made up of. Correct, it is dead cells packed together. As they pack together they “push” the nail out (it grows). When the body fights a disease or infection, sometimes this “growth” is disrupted and you will see a horizontal line across the nails. You can’t change that “ridge” until it gets pushed out to the end of the nail.

I mention this because it is very difficult to change the make-up of the nail that is already there. It has a natural protective coating that as humans we tend to screw up with things like frequent exposure to water (dish washing, soaks in baths and even frequent hand washing with water or alcohol based gels etc); trying to make them look good (acrylics, nail polish, nail polish remover etc); and even exposure to weather (dry cold winters or dry hot summers).

All of these things (and more) attack the nail’s protective coating and cause nail problems. The lipids are stripped from the nail and the nail “dries” out and becomes brittle or peels.

Taking an oral supplement will NOT help and you are wasting your money if you buy some for your nails. Even most nail “oils” are simply an oil (which yes should hydrate and supply lipids to the nail) with “added” vitamin E etc. The vitamin E in these oils is mostly to stop the oil from going rancid, because unless the oil is able to penetrate through the nail’s protective barrier – the oil and the vitamin E etc just sit on the top of the nail and do very little other than to hydrate the cuticle (which is a good thing).

If you want to see a real difference to your nails, try a penetrating nail conditioner (yes, like FlexiNail) that is designed to penetrate into the nail and take all the good stuff down with it. A good conditioner like this will help repel evil water and even when the nail is exposed to the elements or our treatment of them – they are “re-hydrated”. I know you are skeptical, but read some of the testimonials on the site and even watch the video of ME bending over and snapping my nail 90 degrees. Watch the video, I think you will like it. And for the last “sales” pitch, if it doesn’t work for you – there is a 100 DAY (one hundred day) money-back guarantee and FREE s/h on top of everything else.

My name is Derek and if you use the “contact us” link from the website you can ask that I answer your question directly. We will also do our best to provide you with personal and exceptional customer service. You have my word on that.