The wrong way to apply sunscreen

Angelica Asks:

I`ve always wondered about the process of applying sunscreen to my face each morning and thought you might be able to help me with my quandary. When applying a moisturizer separately from sunscreen which goes on first? I`ve heard conflicting theories for years and I would love to know once and for all. Moisturizer first, sunscreen second or is it sunscreen first, moisturizer second? Help!

The Right Brain Replies:

There`s no way we can give one answer that covers all possible combinations of facial moisturizers and sunscreen formulas. However, we can give you some tips:

3 Things You Need To Know About Applying Sunscreen

  1. Some ingredients used in certain lotions can inhibit the way sunscreen ingredients deposit/spread on the skin. Based on this fact, we recommend applying sunscreen first to make sure that nothing interferes with the deposition of the active ingredient.
  2. If you are applying a product on top of the sunscreen, it`s best to wait a little while before applying the second product. Try applying the sunscreen as the first step in your post-cleaning routine, then do the rest of your beauty business. Finally, come back and apply your facial moisturizer. This will give the sunscreen time to soak in and minimize the change for negative interaction.
  3. To save time and effort, you could solve your problem by using a moisturizer with sunscreen in it, like Eucerin Extra Protective Moisture Lotion, SPF 30 or Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15. That’s probably the best approach because the sunscreen active has been tested with the rest of the ingredients in the formula.