What You Need to Know About Dark Under Eye Circles

Heather Needs Help:

Hello! I am wondering what you think is the best natural solution for the dark circles under eyes. Do products like Hylexin really work?

The Right Brain Responds:

You’re in luck, Heather. To help answer your question, we’ve recruited a special Guest Blogger: Dr. Michael Breus, PhD, author of the book “Good Night: The Sleep Doctor’s 4-Week Program to Better Sleep and Better Health.” His book deals with beauty-related sleep issues and here`s what he had to say about your question:

What Causes Dark Under Eye Circles

Dark rings around the eyes – “raccoon eyes” – are a hallmark sign of poor sleep. The eyelid skin is the thinnest skin found anywhere in the body, so thin that it’s almost transparent. The darkness under the eye is really circulating blood in the soft tissues beneath the skin. Because lack of sleep affects blood circulation, it’s been theorized that sleep loss causes blood to pool under your eyes, giving you those dreaded dark circles.

Sleep Loss = decreased circulating blood in soft tissues + Delicate skin around eyes = increased dark undereye circles. The good news is that you can reverse this abnormal circulation by getting the right amount of sleep.”

Thanks to Dr. Breus for the background information. If you want to learn more, you can check out his websites at Theinsomniablog and Soundsleepsolutions.

So the good news is, a good night’s sleep will help. But are there any cosmetic products that can help fight raccoon eyes? Nothing has been proven very effective, but there are three different approaches you can try:

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3 Ways To Treat Dark Under Eye Circles

1) We don’t strongly recommend it, because we haven’t seen any data that clearly shows that it works, but you can try a Vitamin K cream, like Vita-K. The American Academy of Dermatologists have said that Vitamin K works on the kind of blood pooling that causes facial bruises. This is very similar to the circulation problem that causes under eye circles. So at least there’s a scientific reason why it might work.

2) Some eye wrinkle creams, like Hydroderm Eye Serum, can provide a temporary tightening and smoothing effect that MAY help minimize the appearance of dark circles.

3) Finally, you can always cover up what you can’t clear up by using a tinted foundation to hide the dark areas.

Looks like your best bet is to get more sleep. Sweet dreams!