5 things you need to know about retin a

Beauty Bug begs an answer: I’m currently reading Free Gift with Purchase, by Jean Godfrey-June, the beauty editor for Lucky. The books says that Retin-A helps with wrinkles and Beauty Bug wants the Beauty Brains to comment. Does Retin-A really get rid of wrinkles?

The Left Brain responds:

What is Retin-A?


Retin-A is the brand name of a prescription drug called Tretinoin which is a derivative of vitamin A. In 1971, the FDA approved the topical application of Tretinoin to treat acne and sun damaged skin. This drug works by irritating the skin, which triggers the basal layer to produce fresh skin cells, thus increasing cell turnover. (Mmmm, turnover!) As new cells more rapidly replace the old ones, the skin takes on a younger, smoother appearance. So it does work, but there are a few issues you should be aware of.

5 Things You Need to Know About Retin-A

1) It’s a prescription drug so you can only get it from your doctor.

2) It doesn’t work over night. Wrinkles start to decrease or disappear after three to six months.

3) Some of the drug is absorbed into the body and may cause problems with pregnancy.

4) It can be so irritating that it burns and causes redness.

5) While it does help reduce wrinkles that doesn’t mean it gets rid of ALL your wrinkles. As they say, results will vary.

The Brains Bottom Line: Unlike so many wrinkle creams, this drug has been proven to really do something (despite the issues cited above.) And don’t fall for the claims of other products that are really just regular cosmetics with Vitamin A derivatives.