France’s Secret Cellulite Solution

In case you haven’t heard, Garnier (a division of L’Oreal) is launching a number of new skin care products here in the United States. But interesting, there’s one new product they market in their home country of France that’s not available here in the U.S.

The product, which is sold under Garnier’s Skin Naturals BodyTonic line, is called “Anti-Cellulite Flat Stomach Roll-On.” It’s designed to “smooth excess stomach fat folds and cellulite with its roll-on applicator. Its formula is enriched with lipo-caffeine to burn fat, and botanical elasto-fibres to firm the skin.”

I’m not really sure what botanical elasto-fibers are, but that lipo-caffeine fat burner sure sounds good! I wonder why they don’t sell this product here in the States?

Oh, wait. Maybe it’s because IT DOESN’T WORK!!! There’s no evidence that caffeine can get rid of body fat, cellulite or otherwise. (You can read our previous post on anti-cellulite creams if you want to learn more.)

It doesn’t surprise me when I see products like Murad and Cellulean on the market but I’m a bit shocked that a reputable company like Garnier is misleading the public like this. I’d love to see what their claims support data looks like!