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10 titilating tidbits about bras

In case you weren’t aware, 2007 marks the 100 anniversary of the bra.

helping hand braCatwalk Queen has nicely commemorated the occasion with a post on the history of bras. She inspired us to post a Beauty Brains style tribute: a list of entertaining, and slightly odd, bra facts. So without further ado, we present our top 10 titilating tidbits about bras from the ridiculous to the sublime (beginning with the ridiculous):

  1. Under-wire and over-weird: The Helping Hand Bra, pictured above.
  2. How to baby your Victoria’s Secret bras: Use the Bra Baby washing gadget.
  3. Want see the Amazing Bouncing Bra Cyber Demo again?
  4. The McGyver of bras: The Bra Buddy converts your fave bra to a crossback style.
  5. Boob Tube: Stay warm with the new microwavable bra.
  6. Strap Trap: A clever way to keep straps from slipping.
  7. Killer Bra in the news: A Toledo man crashes car to avoid a flying bra.
  8. The iBra: The ultimate iPod accessory?
  9. Bag Bra: Japanese bra that doubles as a shopping bag. We’re not sure why.
  10. World’s Most Expensive Bra: Solid gold bra with diamonds is valued at $2MM. That’s a million dollars per cup!

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From: Flirty Lingerie