5 new ways to reduce animal testing

Nicky wants to know: What’s the latest scoop on animal testing? I’ve read your earlier posts on testing cosmetics on animals but I’m still worried that cosmetic companies abuse too many bunnies and such.

The Right Brain replies:

Nicky, your question could not have come at a better time. We just read a press release from the Scientific Advisory Committee of the European Center for the Validation of Alternative Methods (also known as ECVAM) who announced that there are 5 new methods of testing skin and eye irritation that previously had to be done on rabbits. That means that products like hand soaps, face creams, and make up (among many, many others) can now be safely formulated and tested with out harming a single hair on a hare.

But it gets better: one test mimics human skin so well that it will COMPLETELY replace testing on rabbits. Two of the other tests can identify severe eye irritants which will eliminate the need for live rabbit eye test. And, another new test for skin allergies will cut animal testing in half, saving up to 240,000 mice. All these test methods came about as a result of joint work between the US and the European Union. Thanks guys!!

The Beauty Brains are thrilled to see that effective, scientifically valid alternatives to animal testing are becoming increasingly popular in the cosmetic industry. And that means that in the near future Nicky won’t have to wonder if any furry little creatures gave their lives to test her favorite eyeshadow, lipgloss or blush.