Another one bites the dust: L’Oreal buys PureOlogy

We frequently get questions about which company owns what product in the beauty biz. It`s hard to keep track without a score card because all the big companies keep buying up all the little ones! In the past, we`ve written about the brands of corporate giants P&G and L`Oreal. (Want to be surprised? Follow the links to see who owns your favorite brands)

Well, here`s the latest news: L`Oreal has gobbled up the PureOlogy brand. This luxury American brand is sold through professional hairdressers and is known for its range of sulfate free shampoos. (By the way, you can click here if you want to learn about our cheap way to experiment with sulfate free shampoos.)

Only time will tell if, and how, L`Oreal plans to change this popular salon brand. Do any of our loyal Beauty Brainiacs use PureOlogy? Let us know what you think.