How to pop a pimple in 7 easy steps

Laurie’s concern: “I have always been told that it’s unhealthy and potentially damaging to squeeze my own zits. I’m not Ivanka Trump and I can’t afford to hire people to squeeze my pimples on a regular basis. Am I really damaging my skin FOREVER if I pop a pimple? Am I any less qualified to pick at my zits than an esthetician? It doesn’t seem like rocket science to me.”

The Right Brain’s reply:

Our suggestion is to play the Lotto. When you win, you’ll be able to hire pimple poppers like the rest of us. In fact, the Left Brain and I use hired help to pop pimples, file warts and, on occasion, lance boils. That’s just our way of contributing to the capitalistic culture of cosmetics.

But seriously, by squeezing your own zits you might make them worse. According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, you should NOT pick, scratch, pop, or squeeze pimples yourself because you`ll get more redness, swelling, inflammation, and possible scarring. (If you want to learn more about the causes and effects of acne, read our previous posts.)

But, if you INSIST on throwing caution to the winds and picking those pus pockets yourself, here are 7 easy steps to popping your own pimples (courtesy of

1. Take a warm shower or bath to soften your skin.

2. Wash your face and remove all makeup. (Here’s the best way to do that.)

3. Wash your hands to prevent spreading germs and infecting the pimple.

4. Sterilize a needle…(a dirty needle will cause an infection and maybe a bigger pimple).

5. Gently prick the tip of the pimple with the needle.

6. Take a clean tissue or piece of toilet paper and wrap it around your index fingers.

7. Gently apply pressure to the sides of the pimple to ease out the pus. Stop when blood or clear fluid comes out.