Jan Marini Admits It – Age Intervention Eyelash Product Does Not Grow Hair

One of the most popular topics on the Beauty Brains is the Jan Marini Age Intervention Eyelash. People always want to know, “will this product make my eyelashes grow?” “Is it worth $160 for less than 1 ounce of product?”


No evidence for lash growth

We’ve looked high and low, but have not been able to find any scientific studies that would support that this product will make your eyelashes grow thicker and longer. But that hasn’t stopped people from leaving comments telling us how wrong we are. They insist that there is a special off-label glaucoma drug that Jan Marini uses in the product to make eyelashes grow. Or they insist that they’ve used it and it makes their eyelashes grow. While we’re skeptical, we continue to look for credible research that shows this product really works.

Passionate comments

Here is a recent comment that prompted some more research. Jim writes…

Everyone has a right to their opinion, but blatant misinformation is not only inaccurate, but harmful.The new Age Intervention Eyelash product does work. Jan Marini Skin Research replaced the original prostaglandin analog with another customized prostaglandin analog that actually appears to be even more effective than the original. There was never a patent issue and Jan Marini Skin Research has patents pending on both the original and new formulations. The product has enormous positive media attention along with a huge celebrity following. Physicians throughout the US and abroad have validated the tremendous efficacy of the formula and continue to recommend it to their patients. There is no doubt regarding the amazing results. In addition, the company has excellent safety studies. This continued bashing and misinformation needs to stop. A loyal and informed fan.

Patent pending?

Well, there are certainly some testable claims here even though no references were given. First, we looked at the claim that they’ve got patents pending. Well, a search at the United States Patent Office reveals no such patents pending for Jan Marini.

Second, “the product does work.” This we agree with. Jan Marini Age Intervention Eyelash does work, just like every other mascara you can buy. It DOES NOT work to make your eyelashes grow longer or thicker and we have excellent proof.

What does Jan Marini say?

Just look at what the company says on their own website about the Age Intervention product. We quote

“Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner is not intended to stop, prevent, cure, relieve, reverse or reduce eyelash loss or to promote the growth of eyelashes”

The company admits that it will not grow your eyelashes! What more proof is needed?

Word of mouth

Third, that a product has a “huge celebrity following” and is endorsed by unnamed physicians throughout the US is not proof of anything. Everyone is susceptible to glitzy marketing and wishful thinking. And if you’ve spent $160 for a cosmetic to make your eyelashes grow, you probably don’t want to admit that you’ve been fooled. It’s ok, no one wants to, but it happens.