Why you’ll never want to wear panties again

Hi Beauty Brainiacs, Sarah Bellum here with another beauty product review. The Left and Right Brains have written about intimate shaving before, so today I’m reviewing a different kind of product to help you stay bare down there: Go Commandos panty free patches.


Everyone has that special pair of pants that look too good to spoil with panty lines. (For me it`s a pair of LaZer jeans with cut outs in the side.) Thongs are great for getting rid of VPLs (Visible Panty Lines), but the thong sticking up above the waist line is not a look that I care for. So, that leaves no other choice but to skip the panties entirely. And that means you`ve got that uncomfortable seam to deal with right?

Wrong. Now you can go commando with Go Commandos, a unique product that lets you skip the panty portion of your wardrobe. Go Commandos are a uniquely shaped cotton patch that sticks to the inside seam of your jeans and pants so you can go underwear free and not have to worry about comfort and hygiene.

And it`s not only for fun and fashion, there are actually medical reasons to go commando. According to Dr. Lisa Rehrer, OB-GYN old school cotton Granny panties are fine, but silk and nylon panties and thongs are not absorbent and they can restrict circulation and cause sweating. This can lead to a condition known as vulvitis, which basically means you`re irritated and chaffed down there. It can also lead to bacterial infection.

Go Commandos, are also made of cotton so they`re absorbent, natural, and non-irritating. But they give you a feeling of freedom while the cotton patch protects your private parts.

After trying the different styles they offer for different types of pants, I`ve decided that I LOVE the way they feel with jeans! These patches were super cushy and comfortable. But I was less thrilled with the way the Delicates version felt on thinner fabric, like my Capris and Khakis. I felt TOO naked, if that makes sense! I`ve still got some dressier pants that I`m dying to try them with too.

My only concern with the product itself was with the hassle with applying and removing the patches. You`ve got to put them on and take them off each time you undress. For special occasions they`re totally worth it, but I don`t really need an extra step in my daily morning routine. I can barely get ready for work on time as it is!

Of course that`s just my personal preference, you`ll have to try these patches for yourself and see what you think. I’d recommend them to anyone who has a major panty line problem.