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10 tips to stop smelly hair

Our good friend at the excellent “Are You A Beauty” blog has a great post about neutralizing hair odors. She gives a couple of great product suggestions, but we thought we’d look at all the ways you can use to stop smelly hair.

1. Wash and condition your hair

Yes it’s a lot of work but that’s really the most thorough way to get your hair clean.

2. Use hair wipes

Like Are You A Beauty suggests, you can use wipes made especially for hair like Ted Gibson’s.

3. Use a hair fragrance

Beauty likes the one from Cleanperfume.com. If you don’t mind spending $39.00. Ouch!

4. Spritz your hair with your own perfume

If you can’t find a “real” hair fragrance just improvise with your fave perfume. Don’t use too much!

5. Use a powder shampoo.

Pssst anyone? Or maybe Batiste? Just spray ‘em in and brush ‘em out.

6. Use a leave-in conditioner or combing cream.

A touch of conditioner can mask icky odors.

7. Do a speedy, secret sink wash

Wet your hands, take a TINY dab of liquid soap, and run your fingers through your hair. Caution: this doesn’t work on all hairstyles.

8. Wipe your hair with a dryer sheet

It’s better than smelling like smoke AND you’ll get rid of embarrassing static cling.

9. Try a little Febreze on your brush

At least we THINK this might work. Better check with the manufacturer before you try this one at home!

10. Use an antimicrobial shampoo

This can help if you have Smelly Scalp Syndrome which is caused by scalp fungus or bacteria. Yuck!

Does anyone else in the Beauty Brains community have any tips for dealing with smelly hair? Share!

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