Does windex work on zits?

Nickers needs to know: Does Windex, the window cleaner, work on pimples? Because I just saw “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and they said to “Windex it.” Like put some on a cotton ball and dab it on. Is it true?

The Right Brain responds:

We hate to break bad on scientific beauty advice from any major motion picture, especially a block buster romantic comedy such as this, but with all due respect: FORGET ABOUT IT!

Windex is a mixture of water, rubbing alcohol and some industrial solvents. Yes, it might help degrease your oily skin and it might even kill off a few acne causing bacteria, but it won’t work as well as pimple medications that you buy in the store. And it might even irritate your skin and make your pimples worse. Stick with Clearasil! (By the way, you’ll feel 13% smarter if you read our explanation of what causes acne.)

Or if you really want to try something different, check out the Zeno Zit Zapper. Yes, it’s expensive but it really works!