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Mascara Masquerade: Great Lash & Revlon 3D

Angel Asks: I’m using Maybelline Great Lash right now but it’s not really doing anything for me because I want longer and thicker lashes. I saw a commercial for this new Revlon 3D Extreme mascara, that gives 17X fuller, 70% curvier, and 50% visibly longer lashes. Please tell me if it’s any good before I waste my money.

The Right Brain responds:

Is Maybelline better than Revlon?

As you know from our previous posts, mascara works by coating your tiny eyelash hairs with ingredients like waxes and polymers. The thickening effect varies greatly from product to product depending on which ingredients they use and how much they put in. So, we did a quick side by side comparison with the two products you asked about to see if we could see any major difference. Here’s what we found:

Seeing is believing

Photo one shows lashes treated with Great Lash. You’ll notice that on these lashes it looks like most of the coating is concentrated on the upper 1/3 or so of the lash. Not much is on the tips of the lashes.

Photo 2 shows Revlon 3D lashes. These lashes look like they’ve got more coating on the tips. It also appears like the natural curl of the lash is accentuated.

What do all the numbers mean?

We have no way of telling if 3D mascara really thickens and curls as much as Revlon claims. Companies are required to have support for their advertising and since Revlon is a reputable company, let’s assume they have SOME kind of data that shows such large percentage increases. The exact size of the number doesn’t really matter. It’s kind of a advertising game that is used by many companies in many different industries: create a test that gives you the type of claim you want to market. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as the advertising isn’t misleading. And in this case, at least from our quick side-by-side test, 3D looks like it does a pretty decent job. Interested? You can click here to shop for Revlon 3D mascara.

Have any of our Beauty Brainiacs tried this product?