Scent of a Woman – Literally

Hey Brainiacs, Sarah Bellum here with an interesting, although somewhat off-color, product review. This one comes from Fauxmccoy in the Beauty Brains Forum. You should join the forum if you want to get all the behind the scenes scoops and sexy chit-chat that’s too provocative for the blog.

Case in point: Faux tipped us off to a new fragrance product that I guarantee is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. (This one’s not for the kiddies, so if you’re under 18 stop reading this now. I mean it! Ok kids, have you stopped reading? Good. Still not reading? You’d better not be, or I WILL call your parents, you little brats. Alright, that’s better. Here we go…)

The product Faux referred to is called VULVA and according to their website it’s a “precious vaginal odor filled into a small glass vial. Not a perfume but a beguiling scent for your own smelling pleasure.”

As is the case with all truly noteworthy scientific endeavors, VULVA was discovered by researchers who were examining “the entire range of erotic products available on the market.” Their efforts led to “years of cost-intensive research” which finally resulted in “capturing the arousing, milky aroma.” And now a tiny vial of VULVA is available to you, my friends, for a mere $30.

Yes that’s right. For only $30 you and your boyfriend/husband/significant other can smell someone else’s p@##% anytime you want. I’ve heard of “scent of a woman,” but is ridiculous! Is it a joke? I’m not sure because I didn’t actually try to order any product. But here’s the thing that worries me the most: what happens when the people who make Glade find out about this technology?