7 things to know about removing a tattoo

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If you haven’t had success removing your tattoo with Wrecking Balm, here are seven things that the experts think you should know.

7 Tattoo Removal Tips

1. Modern day laser technology can get rid of most tattoos without scarring.

2. It will take 6 to 12 laser treatments to completely remove a tattoo.

3. The toughest body parts to remove tattoos include the ankles, hands and fingers.

4. Older tattoos with less colors are easier to remove.

5. Lasers, surgical excision, and dermabrasion can all be used to remove tattoos.

6. Laser removal of tattoos can actually be a bit painful.

7. Nearly 20% of people who get tattoos eventually get them removed.

I don’t know about you but I’m holding off on getting a tattoo until the erasable microcapsule tattoo ink is available.

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-Mid Brain

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