Aveeno Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner

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As a special reward to the more prolific Forum members, we provide them with new beauty products to review. In today’s post, forum member “Karen” shares her thoughts on Aveeno Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner.

Addicted to lip balm

I love using lip balm and you may, too. Evidently, 64% of women use lip conditioning products. I have tubes of it everywhere and can’t stand how my lips feel when it’s not on. I might even go so far as to say I’m addicted to it, but experts say there’s no need to worry about that. There simply isn’t an ingredient in any of them that could cause a true chemical dependency.

Okay then: I might not have a chemical dependency for it but I must have a psychological one because I sure feel relief once I slather it on and my lips feel a whole lot better, too.

My products of choice

First, I reach for Blistex to repair, soothe, and moisturize. It’s an absolute must for me to protect my lips from the elements once the cold weather hits. Second, a fellow Beauty Brainiac in the Forum recently turned me on to Caudalie Lip Conditioner, a wonderful but pricey creation that takes lip balm to a whole new level with its antioxidant ingredients. It’s now my go-to product that I apply before bed to repair free-radical damage. I’ve also found that it makes an excellent base under lipstick, a function my beloved but slippery Blistex can’t do. Additionally, it contains a sunscreen so I wear it on my light makeup, lipstick-free days.

Essentially Aveeno

When I had the opportunity to try another lip balm, Aveeno’s Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner with SPF 15, it seemed like the perfect assignment to send my way. Aveeno claims their lip balm is unique in the following ways:

  • It’s enriched with natural oatmeal, an ingredient known to soothe skin
  • It contains a blend of natural conditioners including jojoba oil and shea butter
  • It leaves lips feeling moisturized long after applying
  • It shields lips from harmful UVA an UVB rays
  • It’s hypoallergenic

Aveeno explains it was also developed to address frustration over the constant need to reapply lip balm, a common complaint from women using other products on the market.

Soft and smooth, not heavy and waxy

I used it for a week, giving up both Blistex and Caudalie Lip Conditioner. How did Aveeno’s lip balm compare to what I personally liked and used? I didn’t think it was as good at repairing chapped lips nor keeping them as moist as Blistex but it did a reasonable job of making them feel soft and smooth when it was on.

I liked the fact that it didn’t feel overly waxy or heavy but I did feel the need to apply it at least as frequently as my other two products of choice. It’s also effective as a lipstick base but doesn’t contain the antioxidant ingredients that Caudalie lip conditioner does to soften fine lines and keep lips plump at the same time. “Fragrance” was not listed as an ingredient but it had a mild pleasant vanilla scent due to the addition of Vanillin.

Petrolatum is best

I did a little research on lip balms. I learned that petrolatum-based lip balms are always a smart choice for chapped lips. One dermatologist called this key ingredient “the gold standard” for lip balms and claimed it was the very best thing that you could possibly put on your lips. Does Aveeno’s lip balm contain it? The answer is yes.

A good value

Its price is very good: $3.49 or less per tube and it’s available at most drug stores. It comes in both stick and pot form. Overall, it’s a good value for the money if you’re looking for a lip balm to maintain soft healthier looking lips. If you’re looking for a product to prevent or repair chapped, cracked lips or a lip conditioner that offers anti-aging benefits, you might want to have something else on hand. What you use will depend on your likes and needs.

There you have it, Brainiacs! Now I’m off for my must-have lip conditioner “fix!”

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