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Neutrogena Triple Moisture Hair Conditioner

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As a special reward to the more prolific Forum members, we provide them with new beauty products to review. In today’s post, forum member “Judy” shares her thoughts on Neutrogena Triple Moisture Hair Conditioner.

Triple Moisture: Is it a “must have” or a “maybe?”

Judy says: The Neutrogena Triple Moisture Hair Care line is described by the company as the solution to the fact that “hair experimentation has evolved faster than the availability of effective hair treatments.” For a brief moment I thought dismissively that they couldn’t be talking about MY hair. Experimentation? I don’t dye my hair a different color every couple of weeks…and I don’t style my hair everyday with lots of goopy substances.

However, then reality hit and I realized that I do have my hair colored every month and do use quite a few products even before I blow hot air on it. Sooo…maybe I actually should consider something like Neutrogena’s Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask. After all, who am I to pass up recovery…especially DEEP recovery.

This deep conditioning product is a heavy cream that is to be applied sparingly after shampooing and left on the hair for 3-5 minutes before rinsing out. It is meant to be used as a weekly treatment for dry or damaged hair.

According to the packaging the Triple Moisture comes from: Olive which penetrates the center of the hair shaft; Meadow Seed which helps moisturize the middle and Sweet Almond which seals the surface hair. I don’t know if these claims are scientifically true but each of these natural ingredients are known as emollients that have moisturizing properties.

I have naturally slightly coarse, naturally curly hair that is colored to cover the gray. I used this treatment twice within a week as directed and my results were that my hair felt softer to the touch but in both instances actually a bit over-conditioned and fly-away. And so it may be that my hair was not in such bad shape as to need a deep conditioning treatment as often as weekly.

Neutrogena Triple Moisture product line also includes shampoo, conditioner, leave-in cream, and a shine serum. All are priced between $7-$12 so they are reasonably priced. The Mask that I sampled currently comes in a generous 6-oz size for $6.99 which seems as if it would last forever, especially if you didn’t use it on a weekly basis.

For those with truly damaged and/or over-processed hair this conditioning mask might work well but for me the results wouldn’t make this a “must have” for my hair care regime.

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