Can you drink your way to larger breasts?

Here’s a story from Tokyo Mango that was curious. Supposedly, if you drink this F-Cup tea you can naturally grow bigger boobs. It’s based on plant extracts from sunflower and pueraria mirifica. They have a cookie version too in case you would rather eat those. Does it work?

From tea cup to bra cup

The science. Pueraria mirifica is a phytoestrogen-rich herb traditionally used in Thailand folk medicine. It has been evaluated by various reproductive health researchers. While no one has claimed it can increase breast size, this study shows it can have prevent some breast tumors (in rats anyway). Sunflower oil has also been investigated for an effect on breast tumor inhibition. So, both extracts have been shown to have some effect. Does this translate to bigger breasts? Possibly, but the connection is weak.

The Beauty Brains bottom line

However, if you don’t want to shell out the thousands of dollars it costs for implants, drinking enhanced tea seems like a harmless enough experiment. Who knows, you may actually see a difference. Of course, it could just be psychosomatic, but does that really matter?