Diesel Fuel for Life Fragrance


The Beauty Brains Forum Member Purple Rules reviews Diesel Fuel For Life fragrance.

The bottle for Diesel Fuel For Life warns me to “use with caution.” I don’t know why. It’s not a daring fragrance; no need to worry about emptying the elevator with this.

Sniffing Skittles

The fruity top notes smell just like Skittles! Then it dries down to very generic, fruity heart notes but it’s an artificial fruity smell like the overly sweet, fruit candy that kids like. It’s almost medicinal at times and then it becomes very powdery and slightly less sweet at the end.

You’re an animal

It’s described as having “a heart of jasmine, intensified by indole, a floral-animal note that is found naturally in jasmine” but I get none of that. Indole doesn’t smell particularly good on its own (it’s often described as smelling fecal or like cat pee) but when combined with other notes, it gives them weight and depth. It can also take the edge off florals that are too sweet or too nice; it’s dirties them up a bit.

It’s often combined with jasmine, which may explain why Fuel For Life reminds me of so many other fragrances that are popular now. Fragrances containing indole are often described as being animalic and sensual but I wouldn’t describe Fuel For Life as either. It’s fruity, then it’s powdery and then it’s gone.

Cheesy packaging

The bottle is not terribly attractive. It’s described as being covered in lace but it looks more like cheesecloth to me.

This is not fragrance that I would normally be drawn to. Most fragrances that are described as “fruity” are cloying on me, although they may smell great on others. If you’re one of those who can wear fruity fragrances and not smell like a sticky-fingered preschooler, or if you want to smell like Skittles, you might like this. If you’re looking something bold and sexy, this is not it.

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