Dry shampoo and other weird ways to wash your hair

Lately hair care companies are creating a plethora of new products designed to clean your hair differently than normal shampoos. This article about a new hair powder by Buttercream Cosmetics illustrates the latest example. They’ve even coined a new term “shampowder.” Well, we thought it was time to look at these products and determine what, if anything, they’re doing different for your hair.

Weird Ways to Wash Hair

1. Shampowder– Best Dry Shampoo option?

What is it? We’ve previously discussed powder shampoos so read that for more info about dry shampoos. But basically, you spray or sprinkle a powder (cornstarch) on your head and it is supposed to absorb the oil. To finish the cleaning process you comb the product out.

Does it work? Yes, the dry shampoo works for absorbing oil. It also is scented so it’ll leave a bit of that fragrance behind. But it doesn’t clean your hair nearly as well as a regular shampooing. It also may leave a white residue and can leave hair feeling gross. However, if you want to skip a shampooing day or two this product is good in a pinch. It’s also good for color treated hair because it will help reduce the amount of color lost.

2. Conditioner Cleaning

What is it? Believe it or not, some people just wash their hair with conditioner. As some have figured out, conditioners contain surfactants just like shampoos. The difference is that they are used at much lower levels in the formula, they don’t clean as well, and there is more oily materials in the conditioner.

Does it work? For everyday cleaning you’ll likely be disappointed by using conditioner as your hair cleanser. It can start to build up on hair and feel heavy. It will also attract a lot more dust, pollen, and dirt from the air. But again, it will work. Your best bet is to use a conditioner that does not contain silicones. In this case, cheaper products like Suave and VO5 would work better.

3. No-Rinse shampoos

What is it? Here’s a weird way to wash your hair without water. The formula is a real shampoo except you don’t rinse it out. The most popular brand is No Rinse Shampoo. The formula is much runnier than a regular shampoo so you don’t need water to make it foam. Just put it on dry hair, work through with your fingers and watch it foam. Then wipe out the foam with a towel for clean hair.

Does it work? This formula will work better than the powdered shampoos. It can clean your hair better than a conditioner. But it won’t be nearly as good as a regular shampoo. But if water is in short supply or you just don’t feel like hopping in a shower, this no-rinse shampoo might be for you.

4. Body wash all over

What is it? As we discussed previously, body washes and shampoos are similar formulas. If you wanted to, you could use your body wash to wash your hair.

Does it work? A body wash will clean your hair almost as well as a moisturizing shampoo. It’ll even provide a little conditioning. Don’t use it if you’re looking for deep cleansing but for everyday shampooing, it can work just fine.

5. No ‘Poo

What is it? Just what it sounds like…just stop using shampoo. According to the folks at Nature Moms, if you stop using shampoo your hair will be fine. (Unfortunately, this website propagates myths about toxins found in shampoos so feel free to ignore that scaremongering.) Here are some other interesting stories by people who have tried to go some time without shampooing.

Does it work? You don’t actually have to shampoo your hair. Of course, it won’t be clean either. It will be healthier and probably look more shiny. However, it may also look and feel greasy, smell funny, and be difficult to style in any way except laying flat on your head.

The quest for clean hair is never ending. Dry shampoo, No-rinse shampoos, and other products provide options Now you know that you don’t have to always be stuck using that same old shampoo.

Now that your hair is clean want to know what to do with it? Head on over to this fabulous site for the latest tips, tricks, and ideas about hairstyles.