How to stop hair color from staining your skin

Did you know that 94% of women who color their hair say they recolor for the Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza season?

At least that’s what Ingenuity Products, the company that makes +Repelle Hair Color Stain Shield says. They conducted a study that also revealed one of the worst side effects of hair color is stained skin.

I must be hanging around the Left Brain too much because I’m becoming very skeptical about these press releases that come across The Beauty Brains desk. According to Ingenuity Products, over half of the women surveyed said that “hair color can stain skin.” And that even though over 90 percent of the women say they avoid getting hair color on their skin, almost half said they still experience skin staining when they color their hair.

I just have to wonder: is this really an issue? A lot of us color our hair but I’ve never heard that skin staining is a huge problem. What do you think? Is this a big deal? Would you buy a product to protect your skin from staining?

–Mid Brain