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From The Beauty Brains Forum Member: Taiwanese Girl

I’m not a gal that’s totally into “organic” products. First, the term “organic” boggles my mind, because to me and everyone else who studied chemistry in college, organic means any compound with carbon atoms (attached to 1-4 hydrogen atoms). So since we’re composed of carbohydrates and proteins and fat (which all contain carbons with hydrogen atoms attached), we’re organic! Anyhow…. I do think that organic farming is great for the environment, whether or not the products really have any benefits to it or not. From my own experience, as well as speaking with cosmetic industry insiders, organic or natural cosmetic products aren’t any better than regular ol’ products.

Intriguingly Organics

With that being said, I was really interested in trying Origin’s new Organics line, Origin Organics. Origin Organics products are certified under the strict requirements of USDA National Organic Program. I’m always out to prove my own opinions to be wrong, so I began testing the products I received with an open mind.

I received the Purifying Tonic (a toner), the Nourishing Face Lotion (a moisturizer), as well as a great 100% Organic Cotton Canvas Reusable Shopping Bag. The Purifying Tonic is 95% certified organic, and the active ingredients are: Organic Lavender Alcohol Blend, Organic Vinegar, and Organic White Willow Bark. The Nourishing Face Lotion is also 95% certified organic, and the active ingredients are: Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Glycerin, and Organic Rosemary Extract.

Let’s start with the good first: the bag is awesome! It’s cute and chic, and definitely makes a bold statement when you take it out to shop either at the grocery store or the mall. Now, let’s get on with the skincare products.

Irritatingly Organic

I looked up the ingredients on Paula Begoun’s website, The Cosmetic Cop, and guess what? Most of the ingredients can cause irritation. And boy, did it irritate my skin! Let’s begin with the Purifying Tonic. With the main ingredient being alcohol, it’s bound to be drying and mildly irritating. Does it matter that it’s an organic lavender blend? Absolutely not! The smell was also horrendous, to a point that I couldn’t sleep because of it. It reminded me of this Chinese herbal massage oil called “Red Flower Oil” that my parents use. Did it soothe or calm my face? No. Did it clean and clear my pores? How do you tell if a product cleans or clears your pores anyway? You can’t.

The Nourishing Face Lotion didn’t get any better. This product irritated my face so badly that it was red for at least half an hour every time I used it. After using it for a few days consecutively, my cheeks were permanently red, and I had trouble covering it with foundation*. The moisturizer itself was light, but it didn’t absorb very well. I felt like it left a greasy film on my face, and it certainly didn’t work well underneath foundation. I think it might work better for someone with drier skin that is not prone to irritations. The biggest problem I had with this was that when I use it at night, I really couldn’t sleep either because of the smell. It smells like this herbal medicine my godfather makes to cure all stomachaches, but trust me, it doesn’t smell good, nor does it taste good. Not only that, the smell was so strong! My husband would not come near me to give me a good night kiss because it smelled that strongly.

Over done Organics

While I applaud Origin’s efforts of introducing an Organic line that meets USDA requirements for organic products, I don’t think they made great products. The Purifying Tonic and the Nourishing Face Lotion did more harm than good in my opinion. It could be that my face is too sensitive and oily for the products, so if you have dry skin that tolerates everything, it might work for you. That is, if you enjoy the smell of strong herbal medicine on your face. But if you are super gung-ho about using only natural and organic products, go over to an Origins counter and smell it for yourself.

*If you are wondering, I went back to my normal regime, which is detailed in the “Introduce Yourself” thread on the Beauty Brains forum, and after 2 days the redness was gone.

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