Animal testing in the future: Robots, not rabbits

Here’s a topic that’s near and dear to the hearts of many of our Beauty Brainiacs: Animal testing!

According to Engadget, the National Institute of Health and the Environmental Protection Agency are joining forces in a 5 year research program to replace the live animals that are used in cosmetic testing with “high-speed automated screening robots.”

There are three very cool things about this story. First, fewer animal tests will be needed in the future. Second, there will be more high speed robots in the future. (Yay robots!) The third, and by far the cutest part of this story, is the picture that accompanies it. It’s a Flikr image of the most adorable rabbit in the universe. Come on, have you EVER seen a rabbit cuter than this one??? (No, Sarah Bellum, we’re not talking about your kind of Rabbit!)

Seriously though, the Beauty Brains are thrilled that more research is being done on alternatives to animal testing.

–Mid Brain