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John Frieda Weather Works Review

From the Beauty Brains Forum Member Judy:

I generally like John Frieda Hair Products. I have successfully used his Frizz-Ease Straightening Cream, Radiant Red Color System and Luminous Color Glaze. These products give good value for money and…uh…I try to get them when they are on sale.

The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful

Sooooo…I was very receptive to trying their new product in the Frizz-Ease line called Weather Works which is meant as a system of products that are meant protect your hair from changeable weather conditions. Their promotional material says that these products are designed to “create a barrier to seal in essential moisture and block out excess moisture, thereby blocking out style-ruining effects of ANY weather condition (Winter, Spring, and Summer).” Huh? Did I actually believe THIS? Of course not, I am a natural skeptic and a regular Beauty Brains reader!!

However, I have naturally curly hair that misbehaves whenever there is ANY humidity so I thought I would suspend my disbelief and see if these products could deliver on their extravagant promises.

I used the products the first time (Weather-Proofing Daily Shampoo, Daily Weather-Proofing Daily Conditioner, and Weather-Proofing Style Sealant Crème) as directed and my overall impression was…Big yawwwwwn!. My hair felt soft to the touch but kind of flyaway and certainly not immune to humid weather conditions.

Let It Rain

However, realizing this was hardly the scientific way to experiment I decided to use it for a week to see what would happen. I was in luck…California was scheduled to get rain throughout the week so this would help me in more accurately assessing the product claims.

I can now revise my initial snap judgment and say that these products DO indeed seem to control the effect that humidity would normally have on my hair. Both the shampoo and the conditioner are nice and creamy and the sealant styling cream is light but effective. I have used other silicone products to tame my naturally curly (and colored) hair but this lighter product seemed to work even better.

Long term effect

I think it is possible that the effect of these products may be cumulative after a few days of use. Today I thought perhaps there was some build-up from the shampoo and so I used my regular shampoo followed by the Weather Works products and would have to say my hair wasn’t as weather-proofed as it had been when using all THREE products.

My bottom line would be that these products DO deliver what they promise. Yippee for me! When it’s raining I no longer have to resemble Mel Brooks’ Bride of Frankenstein with out of control hair!

The cost is reasonable at $5.99/for each component. The ingredients touted as producing the weather proofing results are: Glyceryl Oleate in the shampoo to smooth, soften and resist humidity; Aminopropyl Dimenthicone in the condition to resist humidity; and a complex of polymers and silicones to smooth hair and maintain style.

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