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Neutrogena Healthy Volume and Nourishing Eye Duos Review

From The Beauty Brains Forum Member: Purple Rules

Neutrogena has introduced two new products that promise to make you look great and to improve the condition of your skin and lashes as well. I tried out the Healthy Volume Mascara and the Nourishing Eye Duos.

Super-size it

The mascara promises to give you 400% fuller lashes and to moisturize, protect and improve the condition of your lashes. 400% fuller lashes! Even professional athletes only promise 110 %. They say “the exclusive super sized Visible Volume Brush quickly coats and builds every single lash.” The brush certainly is super sized. It’s on the far left in the picture and is clearly larger than any of the other brushes. The mascara contains Olive, Meadowfoam Seed and Sweet Almond Oil, which “penetrate lashes on all dimensions to moisturize, protect and improve the condition of lashes” and rinses clean with water.

Big brush

The proof is in the pudding, of course; what really matters is how it applies and how it wears. The super sized brush made applying the mascara a challenge at first but gave me soft, natural looking eyelashes. The mascara didn’t clump or smudge and still looked great at the end of the day. I wasn’t able to remove it with water alone but it came off easily with a little help from a gentle cleanser. One coat resulted in a nice, natural look. Two coats gave me a little more oomph without getting clumpy or spidery. I don’t think my lashes were 400% fuller but I don’t own calipers so I can’t be sure.

Eye conditioner

The eye shadow duos are “the next evolution in eye shadow.” They contain a multi-vitamin complex that is “clinically proven to condition the delicate skin around the eye.” Each duo contains a coordinated base and accent color. The colors are sheer and easy to apply. I tried “Sweet Dusk” (a great color if you have green eyes) and “Iced Coffee.” They’re not highly pigmented and appear much lighter on. They stayed on well when I used a primer underneath but when I tried to build up the color for a more dramatic effect, I had problems with creasing.

Healthy and wholesome

Both products give you a healthy, natural look that’s entirely in keeping with Neutrogena’s wholesome image. I don’t know if my lashes and the skin around my eyes are healthier then before but both products apply easily and stay on well. They also wash off easily, which is important. There’s nothing more frustrating then watching your lashes go down the drain along with your makeup. You’re not going to achieve a dramatic evening look with these products, but that’s not what we’ve come to expect from Neutrogena.

The mascara sells for $7.99 and the eye shadow duos sell for $8.49.

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