Giant naked peach woman preaches perfect skin

Here’s one eye-catching way to launch a new product: Build a 40 foot long naked woman out of fruit. That’s exactly what Australian company Ella Bache did to launch their new facial cleanser line. Presumably they used peaches to represent the “peaches and cream” complexion that you’ll get when you use their new products.

I’m not sure of what kind of joke to make about a giant, naked woman made of peaches, but I pretty sure the punch line should have something to do with Brad Pitt.

If Australian peaches don’t appeal to you, here are 10 other peach based products that may catch your fruit fancy:

Philosophy Peach Shower Gel Peaches and Cream Ice Cream Bath Fizz Jaqua Peaches and Buttercream Beauty Boutique Bare Escentuals Peach Puff Eye Shadow Get Fresh Fig and Peach Blossom Hand Lotion Avon Naturals Peach Body Spray Peach Sorbet Body Scrub Peach Oil Colorscience Life’s A Peach Lipgloss Jean Paul Gaultier Sultry Peach Fragrance

–Mid Brain