How to banish chlorine from your bathing suit

BW is bikini bound: I am getting ready for a much needed vacation and pulled my swim suit out of its drawer that it had been in since summer 07. It smelled of chlorine. I was wondering is there any product out there that can rid my suit of the chlorine smell?

Sarah Bellum says:

I hear you girlfriend! After my cruise to Barbados my suit was chlorine-stinky for months! But don’t worry ‘cause chemistry comes to the rescue! Here are five ways you can clear out the chlorine. It’s the Beauty Brains‘ 5 Tips for Removing Chlorine

1. Ultraswim shampoo

This tip is good for your hair style as well as your swim suit. Ultraswim shampoo contains an ingredient called sodium thiosulfate that neutralizes chlorine. Try using it to wash your suit AND your hair.

2. Pet power

According to Good Housekeeping, you can use chlorine remover which is available at pet stores. Add a drop to a gallon of cool water and swish your suit.

3. Vinegar soak

eHow says to soak your suit in a sink of very cool water with 2 tablespoons of vinegar because it’s a good general neutralizer.

4. Chlor-out

Buy a bottle of Chlor-Out and give it a try. Although it’s designed for aquariums, many swimmers swear by this stuff.

5. Splurge on Suit Saver

Buy some Suit Saver, it contains an antioxidant that binds the chlorine so it doesn’t smell (and so it’s no longer able to break bonds of the elastic and deteriorate fabrics and colors.)

If all five of these fail you, maybe you should invest in a swimsuit that is made to be chlorine resistant. Don’t you really just want an excuse to buy a new suit anyway? Have fun on vacation!