Is your clarisonic skin brush dangerous?

***Be sure to see our updated Clarisonic Review.***

I was recently reading Dina’s post about Clarisonic on the excellent beauty blog Are You a Beauty? We’ve been asked about the product a few times on the Beauty Brains and have even gotten a sample from the company to review. All of the Brains tried it but we never posted a review for a few reasons.

Clarisonic evaluation

First, it cleans your face well. Your skin almost tingles when you’re done and that’s fun. However, it is a bit of pain to use. It’s just much easier to use an exfoliating product like St. Ives Apricot scrub and a daily facial wash. You pretty much get the same effect.

Second, it doesn’t really look good in my bathroom. You have to leave it on the charger when you’re not using it which means it’s on the counter top clashing with the fabulous decor.

Third, it’s not worth the money. $195 for this? Then another $25 for replacement brushes. I don’t know. If it gave results much better than regular products maybe, but it doesn’t. That money would be better spent on a cute pair of shoes.

Of course if you are curious feel free to click on this Clarisonic Brush for more information. Maybe you go for gadgets more so than most of the Beauty Brains. (Not counting Sarah of course).

Clarisonic recall

But this isn’t the reason for writing this post. The real reason is that Dina’s post reminded me of a letter the Beauty Brains recently received from the company that makes Clarisonic. According to them, they are recalling any unit that was made prior to July 2007 is being recalled. It turns out there is some kind of electronic problem in the handle that makes it get really hot. So hot that it might actually catch fire. If you purchased one before July 2007, be sure to contact the company to get a replacement.

Have you tried the Clarisonic? Leave a comment below and give us your thoughts.