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Mychelle skin care and the real reason for wrinkles

Nina need knowledge: I am looking into using the Mychelle skin care line and mineral make-up. I was hoping you could share your opinion on this line.

The Right Brain replies:

Thanks for the reminder on mineral makeup, Nina, we’re still waiting for Mid Brain to finish the report. In fact, we’ve had LOTS of people in the Beauty Brains community ask when it’s going to be ready. Are you listening Mid Brain???

Before we answer your question about Mychelle’s skin care line, here’s bit of background on wrinkles. We’ve blogged before about extreme claims made by expensive wrinkle creams like LA Mer and Dr. Perricone. And we’ve told you about the Consumer Reports study that shows expensive skin moisturizers don’t necessarily work better than cheaper brands. But we haven’t told you what you should know about the real causes of wrinkles.

Causes of Wrinkles

There’s an wrote an excellent article by Diane Billdeau in the July 2008 issue of Cosmetics & Toiletries that explains the difference between wrinkles caused by your body’s internal aging processes and those caused by external factors like sun. You may be surprised to find that natural aging and photo-aging show up differently on your skin. Here’s the scoop on how these two types of evil aging affect your skin on the outside and what they do to you on the inside.

Chronological aging (old age)

How it shows up on the outside

Increased fine wrinkles

Thinner skin

Less elasticity

Increased dryness

Slower scar formation

How it affects you on the inside

Lowers collagen and elastin levels

Slows cell turnover

Decreases fibroblasts

Photoaging (Sun exposure)

How it shows up on the outside

Deeper wrinkles

Saggy looking skin

Irregular pigmentation and brown spots

Roughness and leathery appearance

How it affects you on the inside

Builds up broken elastin fibers

Reduces collagen

Slows cell turn over

Does Mychelle skin care really work?

Now let’s get back to your question. Mychelle caught our eye because it contains caprooyl tetrapeptide-3. According to Billdeau’s research, this peptide builds a stronger connection between the dermis and epidermis. Her data shows that creating a stronger bridge between these two skin layers provides significant long term wrinkle.

Now, just because Mychelle uses this ingredient doesn’t prove that their products really work any better. You have to be careful because lots of products make claims based on ingredient test data. So, we’re skeptical about Mychelle until we see data on their products. But if you’re interested in trying a new skin care line and you can afford it, click the links below for Mychelle products. But beware, they’re not cheap!


Drawing the line on wrinkles. Diane Billdeau et al., Cosmetics & Toiletries. Vol 123 no. 7 July 2008 p. 39-47