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Even more alternative uses for petroleum jelly

Mid Brain muses:

I saw the Beauty Banter blog wrote a short piece about 5 unconventional uses for Vaseline. She includes using it as a makeup remover, an eyebrow conditioner, a shaving aid and a mixer to modify your other makeups.

We’ve blogged about Vaseline before and these are some great tips. Now here are a few more you could try.

  • Lip balm – It won’t taste good but it works.
  • Perfume extender – A thin layer on your wrist before putting on your fragrance will make it last longer.
  • Manicure protector – Stop your color from running by putting some on the base of your nails.
  • Hair styler/conditioner – You can temporarily seal split ends, slick hair and even condition. Just don’t use too much. It may take a few shampooings to remove.
  • Prevent chafing – Runners know this trick. Apply some in the susceptible areas before you go out.
  • Cover scratches in wood – Dab some on scratches on wood floors or furniture and buff. Light scratches will be camouflaged.
  • Shine shoes – Dab and buff. This works but they will also get duller faster than using regular shoe polish.
  • Stop squeaks. Noisy doors, cabinets, bikes, etc. can all be silenced with a strategically placed dab of the stuff.
  • Light bulb releaser – Just put a little around the thread of a new light bulb before screwing it in. This makes it much easier to remove when the light burns out.

Incidentally, the store brand petroleum jelly is not much different from the brand name, so you can save yourself some money. And of course you could always try the opposite of petroleum jelly – “Un Petroleum Jelly…”

Is there a more versatile product than petroleum jelly? Or a more vilified one? Leave a comment with your thoughts or tips.