How do you stop nail polish from bubbling?

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Chris’s question: I’m having a problem with nail polish bubbling, but not on every nail and some nails are worse than others. I prep the nails by wiping them down with alcohol after the hand massasge and also scrubbing them with the nail brush and soapy water, then i apply a basecoat , 2 color coats (OPI), topcoat (Out the door), it seems as the nails are drying the bubbles appear?

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Are you shaking the polish? This can cause the bubbles. Instead of shaking the bottles, slowly roll them in the palm of your hand to mix the polish.

Purple Rules

Keep the coats as thin as possible; three thin coats is better then two thick coats. Make sure you’re not sitting in a draft when you apply your polish. Don’t “work” the polish too much; the fewer brush strokes the better. This might mean getting polish on your cuticles but you can clean that up after with NP remover and a cuticle stick wrapped in cotton but there’s nothing you can do about bubbles. If you’re only using OPI, try a different brand. The older Revlons bubble on me but the newer ones (the big three free ones) don’t. You may have better luck with a different brand. I think that the reformulated OPIs are hit or miss. You might also try a different base coat.


When I used to wear it, I recall that some ones would bubble no matter what, and some wouldn’t. Revlon NEVER did — by far, that’s the best nail polish I’ve ever used back in the day.

I think it just goes on in nice, thin coats — the cheaper stuff was always too gloopy and thick.

Nail polish seemed to fall into two categories for me — the thick, cheap ones that bubbled and peeled, and the thin, cheap ones that were brittle and chipped off.

Revlon was the best one, and was right in the middle — thin enough to not bubble and dry smooth, and pliable enough not to chip if you so much as looked at it.

OPI’s supposedly pretty good, though; I’ve used it on my mom’s nails with no problems … hm.

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