Spa bath with fish is a wash

Midbrain update…

Here’s a follow-up to a fish bath story featured in a Beauty Science or BS poll from last year. In that story, we learned that some spas in China were using flesh-eating fish to exfoliate skin.

Seattle Fish Spa Bath

Well, the idea proved too enticing for one nail salon owner in Seattle. She started selling her own fish spa bath treatments. For $30 you could soak your feet for 15 minutes in a spa bath filled with tiny, flesh-eating fish.

Customers apparently loved it. The government however, didn’t. They shut down the operation when it was deemed “unsanitary and potentially unsafe”.

Alternatives to Fishy Spa Baths

I don’t know if it’s unsanitary or not but it seems a bit strange. There are more efficient and less animal-involved ways to exfoliate your feet. For example, you can try Flexitol Foot Scrub, the Revlon Hand and Foot Exfoliator or even an Exfoliating Stone File. Unfortunately, none of these will feel quite the same as tiny creatures devouring your feet so if that’s what your into, you might want to save your money for a trip to China.

Oh and by the way, now that she can’t offer the service any more, the spa owner said she would take the fish home as pets and sell the spa bath equipment on E-bay.

Any buyers out there?

Anyone else disappointed about not being able to get a fish exfoliating spa bath in the US?