Tattoo Removal with Dermasal is Doubtful

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Lynn longs to know…have you heard anything about a product called Dermasal for tattoo removal…..have you heard of one that works???

Left Brain lashes out:

There’s something with tattoo removal lotions and creams that really bugs me. It must be all the wild promises on which they rarely deliver. They dupe you into dropping $100 or more for a product that has scant evidence of doing anything. I’ll get more into that later, but first a look at the science.

Science and Tattoo Removal Creams

A quick review of the recent medical literature on tattoo removal shows that the vast majority of research is being done on laser tattoo removal. Most experts agree that from a safety & efficacy standpoint, laser removal is the way to go.

As far as tattoo removal creams go, not many peer reviewed ingredients have proven effective. One possibility is imiquimod. Six years ago, it was shown to be effective in removing tattoos from guinea pigs under controlled conditions. For various reasons, that work didn’t pan out, but scientists are still looking at it as a potential “helper” ingredient for laser tattoo removal. The US NIH is currently conducting a study and apparently recruiting volunteers.

So right now, no topical ingredient has been proven to work by itself and the only thing on the horizon is a cream that might help in laser tattoo removal.

Dubious Dermasal

That brings us to Dermasal and my outrage. Now, I should preface this response by saying I have not tested Dermasal. I haven’t even gotten a sample of the product. But there is enough on the website that convinces me product performance is dubious.

Look at these ridiculous claims.

1. “100% guaranteed tattoo removal system” – Nothing, short of surgery, is 100% guaranteed to remove a tattoo. And even laser surgery doesn’t always work. They extend this guarantee with a money-back offer. These savvy marketers know most people won’t return the product whether it works or not. It’s just too much trouble for most people to get their money back.

2. “specially formulated to remove or lighten your tattoos, no matter the color, the age, or the amount of ink used in the tattoo.” – Again, even with laser surgery you can’t do this. If the ink is old, dark, or deep enough, you might be stuck with it for life.

3. “the most effective at home tattoo removal method on the planet.” – In this case, their claim could be completely truthful. If no home tattoo removal system is effective, it’s simple to be best.

4. Dermasal ingredients have GRASE status by the FDA. – GRASE means “Generally recognized as safe and effective” But it doesn’t mean “effective” as in “effective for removing your tattoo.” It means effective as it’s safe and effective in a product you are going to eat. The implication that the FDA has approved this product is troubling.

Of course, they provide no support for any claims made. Double-blinded study? Where are the results? What really burns me is you could save your money, get some laser removal treatments, and be satisfied. It does not cost that much.

Beauty Brains Bottom Line

While there’s nothing I can say to convince Right Brain to get that wrist heart tattoo removed, I hope the Beauty Brainiacs out there who have troubling tats don’t fall for fallacious fixes. You want to remove a tattoo? Save up for laser treatments.

Incidentally, I’m not anti-tattoo. I love this collection of wonderful science tattoos.

If you have tried a tattoo removal product, leave a comment below and let everyone know how it worked.