You’re not still buying expensive skin care products, are you?

Dee Dee says…Alright, just tell us flat out, what are the best anti-aging products for the skin?

Left Brain gets coy:

Dee Dee, if we knew the best anti-aging product for everyone, we could make millions. Unfortunately, there is no formula that works best for all people. But there is one thing we can say, the price of an anti-aging skin care product is NOT related to its effectiveness.

price of an anti-aging skin care product is NOT related to it’s effectiveness

This was a conclusion drawn by Consumer Reports, a BBC documentary, and recently by a French consumer test. This supposedly comprehensive study (I didn’t see the exact report so I don’t know for sure) looked at the performance of 12 popular anti-aging skin care products in France. They found that the least expensive product, Nivea Visage DNAge, was the second most effective. The most effective was Roc RetinOx-Jour.

Top 5 Tested Anti-Aging Products

The study design sounded reasonable enough. It was small so the results are not definitive, but it was a double blind study. In it, 22 women tried each product for 28 days. The products were then awarded points based on effectiveness and other in-use categories. Here’s their top 5. (20 points was the best score possible)

1. Roc Retinol– 15 points

2. Nivea Visage DNAge– 14.5 points

3. VICHY Myokine– 14 points

4. Givenchy No Surgetics – 13 points

5. Nuxe Creme Merveillance – 13 points

Beauty Brains bottom line:

We are not saying that these are the best products for anti-aging. But in this small, controlled study, these 5 products scored the best. They would be an excellent place for you to start. Only by trying products yourself will you be able to see which one is the best. Just remember, High Price does not equal Highly Beneficial.

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