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10 strangest fragrances you can actually buy

When we’re not answering questions, we here at the Beauty Brains read press releases, Twitter feeds, RSS feeds, blogs, and just generally Internet surf to find the latest news in the world of cosmetics. A recent story about Burger King launching a fragrance inspired this post about 10 strange fragrances.

10 Weird Fragrances

1. Burger King Fragrance

According to this story, American fast food giant, Burger King is launching a men’s body spray known as “Flame”. It claims to be a “scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat.” You can purchase it through their website, Firemeetsdesire.com

And I thought the Axe marketing was strange

2. Kiss Fragrance

Would anyone really want to wear a fragrance dedicated to four sweaty guys in demon makeup? Someone thinks so because you can get your very own KISS fragrance on Amazon.

Kerosene and stale beer never smelled better

3. Play Doh Fragrance

Demeter takes the cake when it comes to odd fragrances. Their Play-Doh Fragrance is odd but would you believe you can get scents of Earthworm and Mushroom. Check out their how line on their website Demeter Fragrance.com

Earthworm and Mushroom…yum

4. Vulva Fragrance

We wrote about this odd fragrance a while back. Their website is still working so they must selling something. They describe the fragrance as “precious vaginal odor filled into a small glass vial. Not a perfume but a beguiling scent for your own smelling pleasure.”

Your own smelling pleasure? Ewwh

5. Cheese perfume

This one proves that if you can eat it, someone wants to smell like it. Stilton Cheeses launched their own scent a couple years back. Not sure if you can still get this one.

Cheese makes everything better

6. Ageless Fantasy fragrance

Knocks eight years off your life? We actually received a sample of this Ageless Fantasy fragrance, but had a difficult time reviewing it. It smells fine enough. We just couldn’t figure out how to prove it made Sarah look 8 years younger. Try Ageless Fantasy Fragrance yourself.

Sounds like something the Smell & Taste Institute would have come up with.

7. Wode Paint Fragrance

The world has been clamoring for a fragrance that also paints your skin right? Wait no longer. Wode paint has got you covered. You can see the fragrance/paint in action in this video from Trendhunter

Don’t worry, the paint disappears

8. Penn State Perfume

They may be going to the Rose Bowl but this one doesn’t smell anything like roses. Wouldn’t you rather smell like Joe Paterno anyway? Read all about Penn State perfume here.

I hope Ball State doesn’t come out with a fragrance

9. Republican Fragrance

Didn’t get your fill of politics this summer? Well you can smell like a Republican all the time with Republican fragrance. Available in Democrat and Independent versions too.

I wonder if it smells like an elephant?

10. Whale Vomit Fragrance.

This one is actually supposed to smell pretty good. I just couldn’t get passed knowing the origin. Is there ever a good reason to smell like mammal vomit? I don’t think so.

Of course, that’s a typical Saturday night for Sarah

Were there some weird fragrances that we missed? Have you tried any of these? Leave a comment and let the rest of the community know.

-Mid Brain