Make your own sugar scrub

Hello Beauty Brains community. Today, we have a guest post from a cosmetic chemist who started her own company.

Joan Brindle, cosmetic chemist and owner of The Creative Cosmetic Company shares her recipe for a terrific sugar scrub.

Make Your Own Sugar Scrub

A few years ago as I was getting ready to make my annual bath and body gifts for the Holidays, I invited afriend to join me in making some sugar scrubs.

My friend said “oh, I already make those and it’s really simple. I just mix cooking oil and sugar together and add some fragrance oil.”

Yikes, I had seen those homemade sugar scrubs before. They were nothing but gloopy, oily messes! That year, I made sure to include a jar of my home-made sugar scrub with her gift.

Since then my friend has learned that for just a few pennies more, she can create a much higher end product that stays emulsified and provides some nourishing benefits for her skin. Now, we make our scrubs together every year. The following recipe can be adjusted as you like but the end product will make a very large 16 ounce jar full of sugar scrub.

I use kitchen measurements instead of weights because most people have measuring cups and spoons but not many have accurate scales to weigh quantities. Hint (use heaping tablespoons if you want your sugar scrub firmer.)

Sugar Scrub recipe


3 Tablepoons emulsifying wax

4 Tablespoons Stearic acid

4 Tablespoons Palm kernel oil

Melt all of the above ingredients until completely melted in the microwave. About 2 minutes. (It should not have any little white sand-like dots in it when it is done melting)

Use pot holders it should be really hot! Mix in ¾ cup sweet almond oil, 2 cups sugar and approximately ½ teaspoon fragrance oil. Stir and let cool a bit. Pour into plastic jars. This will harden up over the next day and become firm but pliable.

Use Instructions

To use: pinch a small amount, rub all over your body with your hands, washcloth or scrubby. Because of the fragrance oil, this is not meant to be used on your face. Best if used within 2 months. This product is mild enough to use every day. As with any product, discontinue use if you develop any reaction to this product.

You can get more recipes and sources to buy ingredients from Joan’s website at

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