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The Top 100 beauty twitter friends

Twitter is a new kind of Internet social networking that allows people to send short (only 140 characters) messages to their “followers”. We here at the Beauty Brains have been experimenting with twitter and if you’re interested, you can follow us by clicking on the picture below.

Why Use Twitter?

What are the benefits of following?

Good question. Here are a few reasons from our collective tweeting Beauty Brains.

1. Source of beauty news that might not make the blog.

2. Take a peek at the daily lives of the Brains

3. Learn who the Beauty Brains learn from

4. Get sneak peeks to the Beauty Science and BS polls

5. Hear about upcoming Beauty Brains answers

6. Talk directly to the Beauty Brains

7. Influence the questions answered by the Beauty Brains

8. Potentially get questions answered more quickly

9. It’s just darn fun!

So, start following the Beauty Brains here. Twitter could change your life.

Beauty Tweeters and How to Get on the List

And if you want to keep tabs on everything going on in the beauty world, here is a useful list of our fellow Beauty Tweeters. If you want to be included just leave a comment with your Twitter “handle” for everyone else to see.

The only qualification for being on the list is a connection with the beauty industry, so if you’re a cosmetic chemist, beauty blogger, just love to write about beauty products, or whatever, let us know.

Beauty Tweeters to Follow

Screen name Description
BeautyBlogger Sifting through the world of beauty – one product at a time!
minnewyork The New York MiNute is a blog that spans the universe of style, trends, beauty, fashion, travel and design.
MakeupbyDeidra Hey! I’m D. I luv luv luv my sweet baby girl, Chloe. And I love makeup and skin care. I know lots about all that “junk” and other things too. So follo
skincare_beauty Love beauty blogging!
spaboutique A former esthetician who has an intense love affair with beauty products and information. i always want to know more!
eyebeautyguru Beautiful, ageless eyes for all is my mission.
caramelsweet6 I am a crazed beauty and health addict that loves to dish on the latest beauty products
RetailMinded Retail Minded – A Boutique Consulting Firm and Blog for Retailers and Wholesalers – including crafters, designers, boutiques, artisits, and more!
addictedbeauty A beauty addict with a not-so-secret love of lipgloss, puppies & pants
ftlob Open discussions about everything ‘beauty’ – makeup, skincare, fragrance, haircare and fashion.
glynnesoaps All Natural Handmade Soaps
workingnature I make ethical handmade soap and skincare under the brand name “Working with Nature”
beauty_blogger I am a Registered Nurse with a skin care and makeup obsession! I love writing about them on my network of beauty related sites.
beauterydotcom Beauty, sweet beauty
Beautelicious I Love Beauty!!!!
TheMakeupGirl Social networking diva, gadget girl, beauty blogger, music buff, foodie and habitual line stepper….
beauty411 Beauty Blogger. Sales professional. Disney fan. Shopaholic.
mysticalbeauty Beauty Blogging Junkie
babyassface beauty blogger. naturally beautiful skin is just hundreds of products away
BeautyAdvisor Just keeping it beautiful…
PurelyCosmetics Mineral makeup entrepreuner and self-proclaimed brush whore. 1 dog, 1 kid, 1 husband. In that order. Officially coined the word “twitterpeeve”.
beautyscientist Scientist formulating cosmetics and topical pharmaceuticals.
LAPretty Beauty & lifestyle for those in LA & those that wish they were!
BeautyWriter Journalist, writer, speaker, salon owner, wine lover, marathoner, w background in business. I like fun & learning new things- and my geeky grocery Trike–CH
alywalansky Aly aims to take over the entire blogosphere, assuming it doesn’t stand in the way of happy hour.
mekaj Independent Beauty Society Diva
ohbrenlee i dig mango mochi and pink lipgloss. occasionally, i blog about beauty. since i have so much of it, obvs.
afrobella beauty and culture blogger extraordinare. Please don’t be mad if I don’t follow you in return, I get easily overwhelmed.
TriedandTruth beauty and fashion lover, FIT alum, pop culture addict, elevated in nature and style
lillybeth Makeup Artist & Beauty Consultant, ginving women the smarts to use cosmetics with confidence – compliments GUARANTEED!!!
beautydotcom Beauty.comâ„¢ the world of beauty onlineâ„¢
JoEllaMilan Esthetician with a successful skin care website and beauty blogs. For Twitters add JEM2 in the discount code to save $5.00
talkingchic Driven, sincere editorial manager and writer here! I work hard to make BeautyChatBlog.com a success, and growing my personal shopping business.
eye4style beauty & fashion blogger, social media pro
ideeli ideeli offers privileged access to sought-after products in fashion, home, and beauty
BeautyChoiceLA Your resource for all of your hair and beauty needs!
DeniseTunnell Freelance Makeup for film, television, video, print and EVERYTHING else. Co-Owner of Illusions Cosmetics (www.illusionsbeauty.com), and Beauty Blogger/Writer.
cosmeticare CosmetiCare is a group of board certified plastic surgery specialists with California locations in Long Beach and Newport Beach.
BeautyBlvd Find out about everything beauty on Beauty Blvd.
beautydetective Makeup, Beauty and Skincare Investigator at Large
MakeupTalk More Makeup ! We’re a FREE, FUN and Spectacular website dedicated to the Beauty World! Makeuptalk is today’s HotShot beauty website!
temptalia Your Makeup & Beauty Addict!
beautycounter Mommy. Fashionista. Budgetnista. Sorry to disappoint you if you’re looking for Chatty Cathy.
PR_Couture Fashion PR’s Haute Spot – fashion PR news, fashion, social media, fashion blogging
Kissandtell PR student interested in all things beauty and fashion.
TotalBeauty Spokesperson and VP of Business Development at Total Beauty Media
DailyMakeover Beauty site Daily Makeover’s editorial and creative team, Mina, Paul, Leslie, Megan, Nathan and Rachel, tweeting their hearts out!
makeupmaverick I have been working as a celebrity Makeup Artist for many years. Now I own The Hair & Makeup Artist Network
looselips Love to shop, beauty, makeup, gossip and play!
thebeautybunny School and work get in the way of blogging!
secondcitystyle Style, Luxury, Beauty & Fashion!
blackmarket Language is the fabric of reality.
beerbudget an overflowing beauty product closet.
MzConfidence I am a professional hair and make up artist with a passion…..I currently work in Midtown Manhattan….
ccjones Beauty blogger, Community Director, Blush Media, LLC www.christinaloves.com
powdernpaint Editor-in-Chief for two online guides
ShannonNelson Mom of 4, Beauty Blogger ( A Girl’s Gotta Spa), b5media (Makeup Minute), Do Social Media @piercemattiepr. And Single.
Coutorture Coutorture Media is an online fashion community comprised of over 240 fashion, beauty, streetwear and fragrance blogs.
MythbustrBeauty Mom of five, and slightly obsessed beauty blogger. Just following my bliss.
sunsetsoaps Full time scientist, part time grad student, and aspiring soap crafter! :)
saphoros CEO, Cosmetic Formulator, Healthcare Professional, and the most important job – MOM!
CoValenceLabs Custom Skin Care Manufacturer
beerchemist I am a cosmetic chemist focusing on new innovations, thought leadership, time management, and powerful presentations. Beer, homebrewing as a hobby.
JanMarini The Derma Diva
ayuexpressions Cosmetic Chemist, Founder of AYU, LLC, Vegetarian forever
fetosoap Soapmaker, Soap Teacher, Crafter, Lindy Hopper
juicywatermelon I am a Juicy Watermelon
AntiHairSlave Constant hair care updates. Find out what I’m doing to my hair when I’m doing it.
bellecheveux A girl obsessed with hair care!
margaritabloom Come in and let us show you Fabulous Bath and Body!
chellaluna Esthetician, sometime educator, writer, and owner of Lucia Skincare. Oh, and NCEA certified, too!
Yummy411 Always talking makeup!
thejoggler World record holder for 50 mile ultra marathon while juggling. Also a cosmetic scientist, writer & innovator
VontriesAromas Nail Tech,Soapmaker,Skin Care,Aromatherapy products.
sassij I’m a cosmetic chemist. Making cosmetics is my passion, which I do from home while looking after my three beautiful children.
AgelessFantasy Ageless Fantasy®. Smells youthful. Feels youthful. Is youthful. The world’s first anti-aging fragrance.
ElkeVonF Celebrity Makeup Artist + Eyebrow Specialist + Blogger
artofthespa Spa 2.0 – PR & social media for spas. Author (Art of the Spa). Founder Spa4Diabetes. Spa tours. Dreams of uniting the world via spa. Aesthete extraordinaire
ISLANDVANITY I own a bath & body products boutique here on Amelia Island, Fl.
SoapyGuy I work with soap and lotions and stuff.
stylespotter Share your style with Lucky magazine’s Style Spotter
Always_In_Style Helping women and men look and feel their best!
jwoodcrafts Maker of wooden soap molds, displays, crates and much more!
AllLacqueredUp Nail polish obsessed blogger