Does the Smooth Away Hair Remover Make Hair Less Coarse?

Interhawk inquires…I’ve searched the forums and can’t find much information on Smooth Away pads or other similar products. I was wondering if these products actualy worked, and more importantly, if the hair growing back becomes coarser over time as with shaving or if their claims that hair grows back finer are actually true.

Sarah Bellum says:

I hate shaving so I thought that I’d pick up one of these at my local Walgreens (and I used my own money, no free samples from Smooth Away, I might add!) Here’s what I thought:

Smooth Away sucks

I used the small pad on my lip and it took a bit too much work for my taste. The end result made me pretty happy vis a vis hair removal but it really stung! I guess I should have known this could be irritating because the directions said to put milk on my skin after using it. Sadly I was unable to comply since I had just used up the last of the cream making myself a White Russian. Too bad, since the stinging sensation made me crave ANY kind of relief! So, given the stinging side effect and the amount of time and effort it took to do the small area of my lip, I doubt I would ever use this on my legs!

Will Smooth Away make hair less coarse?

According to Smooth Away’s website, FAQ #7, “After continued use, less hair will grow back and it will be thinner than previous hair.” Hmmmm. I’m not convinced. According this post by Lefty and Righty, hair grows back less coarse only if you’ve done something to damage the follicle, like waxing or laser treatment. But shaving, dissolving hair with depilatories, or “sanding” hair with Smooth Away only effects the top of the skin. Why would that make hair grow back less coarse? I’m sure Lefty would say something like…”I would need to see further data involving multiple blind, peer reviewed studies submitted in a hermetically sealed envelope, blah blah blah.” I agree with Lefty’s basic point: when a company makes a claim like this they have to back it up with something more than just “because I said so.”

The Beauty Brains bottom line

Yeah, I can sand away hair using an abrasive Smooth Away pad, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best way to remove hair. And if I’m gonna put up with painful burning afterwards, I’d better see a MAJOR difference in how the hair grows back. So unless Smooth Away can cough up some data proving this thing really does what they say, they shouldn’t expect an endorsement from the Beauty Brains.

Have your tried Smooth Away? Leave a comment and let the Beauty Brains community know your favorite way to remove hair.