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Is thermaclear an effective acne device?

Diane declares…I just wonder whether those acne devices are really effective? Are they?

Right Brain responds:

Some time ago Sarah did a raving review about the Thermaclear anti acne device in which she stated “…it does work, although it’s not 100% effective.” Her skin always looks great, so who really knew whether it was the device or just the luck of her genetic draw.

Despite the fact that Thermaclear…

1. Was FDA approved for safety

2. Was FDA approved for effectiveness based on clinical trials

3. People who use it swear it works

4. Is a top seller at Sephora

…it is hard to believe this gadget had much effect. After all, if you do nothing to a pimple it goes away right?

Acne Device Science

This article entitled Evidence for Laser- and Light-Based Treatment of Acne Vulgaris from the September 08 Journal Seminars in Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery (Left Brain’s idea of light reading) provides some interesting scientific information. From it, the FDA website and some information provided by Thermaclear, we’ve put together these seven facts that will help answer the question.

1. Try Topical Treatments first

No comparison studies were done but the article suggests we should try things like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid first. It seems like they think these will usually be more effective. But Thermaclear is thought to be faster and effective for people who don’t respond to topical treatments.

2. Thermaclear works in three ways

Laser/light therapy works to stop acne by killing the bacteria that causes it, reducing sebum production and suppressing the anti-inflammatory skin processes. It does this by sending a blast of a short thermal pulse into the effected area.

3. Clinical studies show effectiveness

According to the report, laser/light therapies are effective for treating certain kinds of acne. Although most of the studies had a small number of participants, at least some were randomized, blinded studies.

4. Safer than UV exposure

The idea of creating these devices got started because people long thought that sun exposure could reduce acne. Of course, its effectiveness for this purpose was never proven. Certainly, it isn’t a safe option consider the cancer / wrinkle risk. These laser/light devices like Thermaclear turned out to be a better option.

5. FDA approved

The FDA has approved dozens of devices like Thermaclear so the fact that it is approved doesn’t mean much. However, it does mean that the company showed government scientists at least some compelling clinical data to support using it to treat acne.

6. Works faster than no treatment

This is a claim from the company but it is probably from the clinical studies given to the FDA as proof. Unfortunately, they used a trick common to most cosmetic product makers. In their studies they answered the question “Does this product work?” But they didn’t answer the question that everyone desperately wants to know. Namely, “Does this product work better than other products on the market?” We still don’t know about that.

7. Does not work on all acne

One thing Thermaclear makers admit is that the device will not work on all types of acne. If you have blackheads, whiteheads, or serious acne, Thermaclear is not for you. But if you have mild blemishes, you should see results.

Beauty Brains Bottom Line

Scientific studies show that these acne devices are actually effective. You should try standard creams first but if you’re not having luck, try something like Thermaclear Acne Clearing Device.

Have you tried one of these acne devices? Did it work for you? Leave a comment and let the rest of the Beauty Brains community know.