Beauty can be taxing

Sarah Bellum Says:

April 15th is Tax Day here in the US so I thought I’d honor the occasion with this post about British author Dean Swift. Swift once proposed that all governments could become rich if they created a beauty tax that was based on how attractive you think you are. The better looking you believe yourself to be, the more taxes you’d owe. And Swift predicted that the tax would be cheerfully paid!

If we were taxed on our appearance I’m not sure which bracket I’d be in but I do know I’d pay a lot more than the Left and Right Brains! I also know I’d have a looooooong list of beauty related tax deductions on my W2 form:

  1. Laura Mercier Cosmetics
  2. Sephora fragrances $$$$$$$
  3. Victoria’s Secret Lingerie
  4. Paul Labrecque Shampoo
  5. Spa Services at New York Day Spa.

It also makes me wonder how much money I spend each year trying to be beautiful. When you account for make up, clothes, shoes, hair salon, and spa services it really adds up! What does the Beauty Brains community think? How much money do YOU spend on beauty? $100? $1000? $10,000? Leave a comment!