More ways women are better than men

I wonder why the Beauty Brains never do studies like this. Here are a few reports that demonstrate some interesting findings about our sense of smell.

Women smell better

Women are better at smelling things than men. Researchers at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia conducted a study to see how well fragrances hid or covered body odor. They took smelly scents and combined them with different perfumes. Out of the 32 fragrances tested, women were only fooled by 2 of them. For men, 19 of the fragrances worked.

This explains why your boyfriend thinks his deodorant shower works but you don’t.

Scent will tell

Researchers also found that women can tell when a man is interested in her from his body odor. You can read the article for the study details but essentially they found women’s brains activated differently when they smelled aroused male sweat versus non-aroused male sweat.

The Power of the Pill

One final story finding about scent is that women who are on the pill do a worse job of picking a suitable mate than women who are not. Evidently, the pill sets the body’s hormones to a pregnant-like state, significantly inhibiting the ability to sense a suitable mate.

If you keep picking the wrong guy, it might be your birth control

-Mid Brain

Do you have more examples of things you think women can do better than men? Leave a comment. They might be worth studying scientifically.