Beauty Science Poll 40 Answers

It looks like most of you were able to pick out the fake Beauty Science from the stories in this week’s poll. Over 50% of you figured out the story about the piercings was fake. Here is a complete run down of the answers.

Woman holds the record for the most piercings with 60,050 – FALSE

Elaine Davidson from Brazil was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for having the most piercings of anyone in the world. But we added 10 times as many. She actually has 6005 piercings.

Robot was a runway supermodel at the most recent Tokyo Fashion Week – TRUE

Only 10% of you thought this was fake so most of you got it right. According to this news story, a robot made its catwalk debut at the latest fashion show. Japan is one of the world leaders in robot technology. Despite the success, it will be many years before we have robots who walk as elegantly as humans.

Bra saves woman’s life by stopping bullet – TRUE

14% of you were fooled by this story but it is real. A woman was shot at when she saw some people robbing a store. The bullet was deflected when it hit her bra’s underwire. She was treated for minor injuries. Sadly, the burglars got away.

Woman being sued to stop her from sending postcards with bits of her hair on them – TRUE

27% of you couldn’t believe this one but it is true. A Croatian man has taken his ex to court to get her to stop sending him bizarre notes. He adds “I have no idea why my ex is doing this but at the rate she is going she’s going to have no hair left soon.”

Did you get it right or were you fooled by the fake story? Leave a comment below. We’ll have another beauty science poll next week.