9 tips to prevent wrinkles

This article on the wikihow blog claims to give good ideas on how you can prevent (or reduce) wrinkles. They get many things right but some are just a little off. Here are their tips.

1. Don’t blame it on your genes – They claim that genes only govern 30% of your wrinkle potential. This seems a dubious claim as they quote research from P&G who is certainly motivated to convince people that applying products isn’t worthless. Genetic effects are at least 50% of the battle.

2. Protect skin from the sun – The best advice you can get. Less sun = less wrinkles.

3. Eat, drink, slather antioxidants – While there is some evidence that Retinol can reduce wrinkles, there is limited evidence that any other antioxidant (when applied topically) has an effect. There is NO evidence that eating or drinking antioxidants will help prevent wrinkles.

4. Wear sunglasses – Can’t disagree with this

5. Sleep on your back – Makes sense but there is little evidence that this will help

6. Stop smoking – An excellent suggestion. Science has shown that people who smoke get more and earlier wrinkles than people who don’t.

7. Control facial expressions – This is silly, impractical and not proven to be useful in controlling wrinkles.

8. Be happy – The idea is that if you’re happy, you’ll look like you age less quickly. We can’t argue that being happy is a good idea but it’s doubtful that it will make you look like you have fewer wrinkles.

Interestingly, they forgot to include an obvious preventative measure. Use a good skin cream daily.

What do you do to prevent wrinkles? Do you think it works? Leave your comment below and let the rest of the Beauty Brains community know what you think.